Yarn Games

July 30th & July 31st 2022

Fashion Show-Off

Claim the Catwalk! Here's your chance to show off your work. You can submit any knit or crochet pieces (up to 6) to model on the runway (or choose to have someone else  model for you.) The audience will vote on several categories including best colorwork, most innovative, and best in show. Prizes will be awarded the day of the Fashion Show! 

Battle of Stitchers

We are settling the age old debate of which craft is better Knitting or Crochet! This event will last all week leading up the Fashion Show and everyone will have a chance to vote on Instagram! 

Available in Store Only

Yarn Games Bundle

You can sign up for a bundle package to enter all of the activities. (For one of the two days) *View a list of competitions below*

Silent Auction

Entrants can bid on luxurious yarn, accessories, notions and more in our Silent Auction.

Available In Store Only

Fastest Knitter

Get your needles out and fingers ready! Put your skills to the test against the best of the best! See what records you can set and declare yourself the Champion!

Fastest Untangle & Wind

Uhhh Oh! The dreaded thought of tangled yarn! Can you untangle the mess before the rest?

Fastest Crocheter

How Fast can you crochet? Put your hooks to the test and see if you are the fastest! Along with prizes you will earn some well deserved bragging rights!

Blindfolded Challenge

Communication is key in this two paired challenge! Entrants will take turns as one is blindfolded and asked to follow a pattern that their partner dictates to them. Choose your partners wisely! *All partners must sign up individually*


How much knowledge do you have about the Fiber Arts community.  See if you have what it takes to be the Trivia Guru!  

Scavenger Hunt

Follow the clues in and around the store to lead you to the treasure!